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Some of the most desperate and challenging days of my life

“In 2010, I lived through some of the most desperate and challenging days of my life. A perinatal mood disorder isn’t what you expect to encounter when you give birth to a beautiful new baby. Unfortunately, I now know why some people choose suicide as an end to their means. When you can’t stand to be in your own skin and the light at the end of the tunnel has vanished it is hard to push forward, let alone take care of a newborn. I felt worthless, overwhelmed, and overcome by severe anxiety and insomnia but fought to find my ‘normal’ self again. My own patient advocacy and the strong support system I had at home helped me get through some of my darkest days. I am proof that if you dig into the depths of one’s soul you can overcome anything that comes before you in life. However, no one should have to do it alone. I hope that my experience can help other mothers and families survive this awful demon.”

– Stacey F., @thevillagedoulagr @notoriousfigg

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