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Please complete the form below or call to receive a free initial screen. One of our Care Coordinators will speak with you to gather more information about how you are feeling and schedule you for an evaluation with a clinician. After the evaluation is complete, a recommendation will be made regarding the best clinical care for you.

With treatment, everyone can feel better. You are not alone.

Contact Us: (212) 335-0034

    Please provide the name and contact information of your referring provider, or your current OBGYN, Midwife, or primary care provider.


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    “The PHP has been a trusted space where I felt very held and cared for. I came to the PHP feeling extremely desperate, anxious and scared and after one day I knew I had come to the right place. I felt a weight had been lifted as I was relieved because I knew I would get help here. Trust the doctors, trust the therapy and talk to your fellow cohort members. Healing is not a switch you can turn on and off, but you can learn how to exist and thrive in the in between. Thank you to The Motherhood Center!” – Day Program Graduate

    “The Motherhood Center has saved my life. I was really struggling after having my son and the day program team really challenged me and helped me get better. The strategies and tools that I learned are not only beneficial for me postpartum, but these tools will be used for the rest of my life. I have felt so safe and taken care of here and I am eternally grateful for The Motherhood Center.” – Day Program Graduate

    “This program has given me my life back. A new, more rich life with my son. I didn’t want to be in my life, I was trying to escape my reality, filled with regret. Now I have a life I could never imagine, with joy, excitement & connection with my son.” – Day Program Graduate

    “I came in feeling rejected by my baby and unable to care for her or myself. I’m leaving whole, able to care for my baby, myself, get back to work even.” – Day Program Graduate

    “When I first started the Day Program, I was suffering from radical mood swings and was frightened by the pattern of my thoughts. Being surrounded by like-minded women and a care team who were genuinely interested in helping has saved my life.” – Day Program Graduate

    “It is life-changing. It’s like a warm hug with friends you never knew you needed all working together to help each other.” – Day Program Graduate

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