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At the beginning it was very hard

“I got pregnant 5 months after I married my husband which was March of 2020, it was the year of Covid-19 which actually was a plus for me. A week before I got a positive pregnancy test I started feeling weak & nauseous. As I confirmed being pregnant it just go worse. When I was 9 weeks pregnant I had gone out and I fainted on the street, since that episode I was put on IV fluids until I was 15 weeks pregnant. Those weeks were not so bad as I couldn’t see properly or get out of my bed. After that it started hitting me that every woman being pregnant can go to work and have a normal life besides for me. I also had 2 sisters that were pregnant together with me and one of them with the same due date as me and she was the one coming to help me with everything that I needed, due to Covid-19 she was out of work.

Slowly I was trying to stay positive and entertain myself but when I reached my 7th month I went into a bad depression, to the extent that I started hurting myself and my husband. We discussed the situation with my OBGYN and they told us to reach out to the motherhood center. It didn’t take long and I started recovering, my husband was very supportive and helped me with what he was able to, I started having a schedule as I had to attend the classes. I was much happier when my husband returned from work every day.

I gave birth 2.5 weeks early in December 2020. Right after birth I had a very bad panic attack, my husband called the emergency line of the motherhood center they helped me get through it. I still continued having my sessions at the center until 3 weeks postpartum. After that I was transferred to a local Therepist. A couple of months after I gave birth I started having panic attacks on the street. I ended up going to a Psychiatrist who gave me some medication to help me through it. Together the medication with the therapy I was able to be an amazing mom and wife. 2 years later in December 2022 I gave birth to my second daughter. At the beginning it was very hard I wanted to just be that perfect mom, but my husband kept on telling me, it’s okay not to manage, all you need is to do your best and take care of yourself. Now my baby is 5 months and my toddler is 2.4 years. I could still have moments when I feel down or overwhelmed. I still use the techniques that my therapist at the motherhood center taught me and it really helps me get through tough times.

I always try to remember to first take care of myself so that I can take better care of my kids.”

– Devoirah S.

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