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Step 1

Step One: Finding the courage to make the call Making the call and asking for help can feel scary, but the sooner you do, the sooner you will start to feel better. At The Motherhood Center, we are here to…

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Step 2

Step Two: Speaking with a care coordinator One of our experienced and compassionate care coordinators will answer your call. You will be asked how you have been feeling, and your basic information will be collected, including your health benefits. At…

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Step 3

Step Three: Checking your benefits We are committed to ensuring everyone receives the treatment they need to feel better. Our billing department works closely with patients to try to limit any financial or insurance barriers that might stand in the…

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Step 4

Step Four: Clinical evaluation Evaluations are typically within one week after making an appointment. Evaluations are 90 minutes in length and are conducted by one of our experienced psychologists, social workers, or reproductive psychiatrists. The evaluation is an opportunity for…

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Step 5

Step Five: Support and clinical treatment Clinical treatment at The Motherhood Center includes therapy, medication, or the Day Program. All of our therapists and psychiatrists are highly experienced in treating PMADs and in determining which interventions will work best to…

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